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Web Hosting From A Real Estate Perspective

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The whole phenomenon of web hosting relates closely with that of real estate. If you need a place to reside, you might rent an apartment, lease a home or purchase your own home. Likewise, if you need a website, you can lease web hosting services or set up your own web hosting server.ServersAll the content presented on the Internet resides on servers dispersed throughout the world. A server is simply a computer that remains connected to the Internet 24/7. Any personal computer can function as a server, given the correct operating system. However, you can’t operate a legitimate business through a typical PC because it wouldn’t be able to handle all the network traffic.Web HostingWeb hosting entails either renting space on a server or renting out an entire server. The former is known as shared hosting because you rent just 1 part of a server-kind of like how you might rent 1 apartment in a large apartment building. The latter, dedicated hosting, entails essentially renting the apartment building. As you can imagine, dedicated hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting.VPS HostingThe intermediary between shared and dedicated hosting is virtual private server hosting. In this scenario, you still share space on a shared server. However, the hosting provider creates a virtual barrier separating you from the other tenants. This allows you access to your own dedicated resources, whereas in shared hosting those resources would be spread across many accounts.Dedicated ResourcesIn shared hosting, you might share four 3.2 GHz processors. If every website on the server suddenly experiences a surge in traffic, the processors will become overloaded and your site will function slowly. With VPS hosting, the provider will dedicate a portion of the processing power strictly to your site. So if you sign up for a 1.2 GHz plan, your site will always have full access to 1.2 GHz of processing power.Hosting Your Own ServerIt’s possible to set up your own web hosting server, but it requires a tremendous deal of capital. For starters, you need a powerful PC with a strong processor and lots of memory. In addition, you would need Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity. The other option is to purchase the PC and then pay a fee to store it in a certified data center. The center would provide the networking functionality and manage the server.Bottom LineDonald Trump builds hotels and rents out their rooms. Thus, he is like a hosting provider. A successful real estate agent might rent an entire apartment building and then rent out each apartment, much like a thriving Web entrepreneur might lease a dedicated server. Meanwhile, most us rent out those apartments, because we don’t have much money, but we still need a place to stay — kind of like how aspiring Internet entrepreneurs need a website, but can’t afford the big stuff yet.


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