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Time to Use Your Flash When Taking Photographs

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Many photographers who are new to this hobby are not comfortable with using flash, especially under broad daylight. They thought that flash photography is complicated and will create unwanted harsh shadows behind their subjects.Actually with DSLR technologies today, flash photography can never be any simpler. Most DSLR cameras have built-in flash which are very handy and convenient. Since it is there, why not make full use of it and produce creative results to impress your friends?First of all, we need to understand what “Flash Sync Speed” is. This is the fastest shutter speed you can use, when the whole sensor is exposed to the flash’s pulse. If your camera shutter speed is higher, you will see an uninvited black line running across your shots.

Fill-in-flash will be a useful technique when you are outdoor taking portraits under the late afternoon sun. Without fill-in-flash, we will likely see in your photographs that the background is bright, while your subject appears dark or underexposed.Under this condition, fill-in-flash will able to overcome this problem. Not only can you clearly see the subject’s face, you can also observe sparkles in their eyes!You can start by popping your built-in-flash and start firing, making sure that your shutter speed is slower than your Flash Sync Speed. Your camera flash meter will balance the exposure for you, so that you can concentrate on your subject and composition.However if you think that the flash power or intensity is too strong, you can reduce it by adjusting the flash compensation button.You will definitely need your flash when shooting portraits as night. When doing this, most photographers will observe that the subject is properly exposed while the background or ambient is way too dark.

Simply use a slower shutter speed, so that more of the ambient or background light can fall onto the sensor of your camera. In this way, your photographs will be balanced to produce excellent results.There are many ways to produce creative photographs using flash, like adding a blip of flash to freeze the action when shooting long exposure. You can also explore Rear or Front Curtain Sync flash with endless creativity to your photographs.What are you waiting for? Get your camera now and start shooting and having fun with flash!


Written by mitchelllee5

May 31, 2016 at 2:28 pm